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The Go Go Gourmet Boutique Catering Company was birthed out of the heart and hands of owner, chief cook and bottle washer, Celeste Davidson. Being from Louisiana and growing up in a HUGE family chock full of great cooks and creatives she grew up thinking cooking was just like walking... everyone did it. Having a dad as a Rock N Roll guitarist and a mom in the music business they moved from Louisiana to New York to Los Angeles to San Francisco and naturally landing and planting some serious roots in Nashville, the Music City. Shortly after moving here her parents on a whim went into the Restaurant Business and this is where she realized she not only loved cooking but she loved the business of making people happy and the commerce of food service. She spent her high school and college years working in her parents restaurant but music called and she spent many years travelling in various bands singing back up and fronting a few of them while paying the bills as a travelling Makeup Artist.

In 2008 after having her first child she wanted to keep her feet planted and slow down on the traveling so she focused on the family Sales and Marketing business as the Operations Manager. In time she felt the pull to diversify her income and fulfill her creative side. She began cooking for friends and family a few nights a week and slowly over time she had built a full fledged highly sought after catering business. Celeste's main goal is to make things easy, perfect and delicious for her clients. She seems to be succeeding by the amount of happy and repetitive clientele she maintains. Drawing from her roots of Louisiana cooking and the flavors of the many places she has lived make for a colorful picture of culinary delight. She is not formally trained and winces when referred to as a chef but just like an outsider artist can tantalize and amaze the eye so too can this untrained yet passionate and fearless "cook"! Celeste lives in Madison just outside Nashville with her 3 zany girls, bass playin' husband and a passel of animals that needed a home!

Go Go Gourmet Catering Options

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The GGG caters ANY event – No Job Too Small! However at this time we are limited in our catering to take on anything buffet or finger foods up to 300 and plated up to 200. Showers. High Tea. Birthdays. Girls Night. Romantic Dinner for your better half. Reunions. Retirements. Weddings. Football Party – the list goes on and on – let me make your event perfect and delicious! We would love to send a list of great references - just ask!

(We honor those who serve - ask us about our discounts for Military and Non-Profit organizations)

Rotating Weekly Menu
Door to Door Delivery

Go Go Gourmet is a dinner delivery service strictly marketing through word of mouth, completely prepared fresh by me and delivered straight to your door or one of our meeting spots. Each week I will post a menu (and email it to you if you are on our list!). Please just place your order via email or using the online order form at least a day before. Then, on the night you choose, sit back, relax, and let me do all the work!

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Current Menus

These menus are just a sampling of what we offer. We are always happy to take requests or to create a menu tailored to our clients and their event!

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